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Across Ummah CIC

Aiming to build a better future for all and combat the problems in our society.

Across Ummah CIC works to enhance and improve the living conditions of people in our community. We work hard to mitigate issues within the community such as substance abuse, especially the youth. We do this by providing frequent workshops, lectures, coaching sessions, conferences, and role modelling.

These programmes will create a pathway for recovery and overall improvement in wellbeing through counselling, therapy and learning new resourceful skills.


We facilitate various coaching, financial, marriage, parenting and life fulfilling techniques to reduce crises in families, promoting peace and harmony in the community.


We also create various empowerment programmes to build solid structures to reduce poverty, and provide resourceful measures to alleviate the cost of living crisis.

Ongoing health and wellbeing lectures are delivered to help people transform their lives positively. We have been busy providing substantial support, physically and virtually, for the community to reduce the impact of Covid19.

Join us today and transform someone’s life for the better.

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Across Ummah CIC
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